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When you require legal guidance, you need a specialist committed to protecting your interests and supporting your goals for the long-term. Since 2008, the Moehlman Law Firm has offered individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and other clients high quality legal representation. Our areas of practice include business planning, probate administration, taxation, trust administration and estate planning.

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Our Services Include

Estate Planning

To protect your loved ones, it’s critical you take a proactive approach on estate planning. We’ll help you safeguard your assets and ensure they’re distributed according to your wishes.

Business Formation & Planning

We’ll guide you in crafting the ideal structure for your businesses. Our expertise in tax planning, business legal services and formation means we can build a foundation on which your entity can grow for the coming years

Probate Estate & Trust Administration

We can guide you as a fiduciary to make sure the probate administration process is simple and seamless. Our work ensures assets held in probate or in trusts are protected and allocated efficiently according to the fiduciary’s legal duties.

Real Estate

Whether you’re the landlord or a tenant, a seller or a buyer, all agreements regarding real estate are required to be in writing under Missouri law. We can help draft legal documents designed to protect your property rights.

Tax Preparation

We prepare taxes for all types of organizations: from family businesses to local non-profits. We also work with clients to resolve the challenging tax issues involved in starting a business.

Tax Controversies

The Moehlman Law Firm represents tax payers in front of the IRS, United States Tax Court, the IRS Appeals Office, and in Federal District Court. Let us help you if you have received a notice of taxes due, are being audited, or if you need help paying your tax liability.

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