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Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Services from Moehlman Law Firm By effectively managing your income tax filing requirements, you’ll remain in good standing with the IRS and reduce the chances of governmental interference. Our team has helped hundreds of clients prepare their income taxes. Over the years, we’ve worked with businesses, non-profits, probate estates, trustees, and individuals to minimize their tax liabilities and to prepare their income taxes with accuracy and precision. Here’s why Clients Choose the Moehlman Law Firm:

  • Tax Analysis & Strategy
Our experience in the business marketplace means we don’t just offer a standalone preparation service. We can help you to analyze your organizational structure and determine how best to mitigate your tax exposure over the coming years. Our team has represented businesses and individuals on tax matters before the Internal Revenue Service, in United States Tax Court,...

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Tax Relief Attorney

Tax Controversy Resolution If you’ve received a notice from the IRS regarding your taxes, it can impact your life and make it difficult to handle day-to-day challenges. Moehlman Law Firm is experienced in handling a variety of tax controversies. We can work with you to review your case strengths & weaknesses, represent you in court, deal with the IRS, and help you resolve your tax issue effectively. Turn to the Moehlman Law Firm for:

  • Audit Guidance
If you’re being audited, we can represent you in front of the IRS to ensure you have all the necessary documentation to get through the audit successfully. Our team will be on your side throughout the process, working to manage your documentation production, and answer any questions asked by IRS representatives.
  • Tax Court Representation
We can represent you in United States Tax Court to mitigate your exposure to interest and penal...

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Estate Planning

Comprehensive & Customized Estate Planning Services Federal and estate taxes can limit the assets passed on to your loved ones in the event of your death. If you don’t have a written and executed estate plan your finances and a large portion of your assets could be tied up in probate court for long periods of time. It’s important to work with a trusted legal professional to ensure the proper estate plan for you and your family. It’s the reason so many are now working with the Moehlman Law Firm. Turn to Moehlman Law for: Tax Planning Whether there will be any federal estate tax (often referred to as the Death Tax) to pay depends on the size of your estate and how your estate plan works. While very few estates are required to pay estate taxes, the tax burden is large when they are a concern - as high as 55%. There are many well established strategies to reduce or eliminate death taxes, but you must start the planning proc...

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Real Estate Law Firm

Experts in Real Estate Law Handling real estate transactions requires an attorney with experience helping buyers and sellers effectively complete deals. The Moehlman Law Firm has worked with every type of client in a real estate transaction including landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, borrowers, and lenders to help them complete transactions and ensure their rights are protected. Turn to Moehlman Law Firm for:

  • Lease Agreements
For landlords, we can help create, enforce, and negotiate lease agreements that protect the client’s property and preserve their rights. We also work with tenants to help them review and negotiate lease agreements to determine legality, ensure there are no overly restrictive provisions, and to clarify ambiguities.
  • Buyer-Side Representation
In real estate transactions buyers require legal guidance to mak...

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Business Attorney

Business Formation & Planning Services Building your business from the ground-up can be a daunting task. While you might have a clear understanding on your product and your target marketplace, you’ll require legal guidance to protect your personal assets and your business moving forward. The Moehlman Law Firm helps businesses thrive by developing structures that protect assets and allow leaders to gain clear insight on their path to future success. Turn to Moehlman Law for: • Business Formation Guidance We’ll ensure that your business is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and the Secretary of State in a short timeframe. Our formation services ensure that all the paperwork is completed in detail before moving forward. At this stage, we can help you to prepare for any legal challenges you might face in the marketplace and run through your business structure options, including entity selection and liability considerations. • Read More