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Business Attorney

Business Formation & Planning Services

Building your business from the ground-up can be a daunting task. While you might have a clear understanding on your product and your target marketplace, you’ll require legal guidance to protect your personal assets and your business moving forward. The Moehlman Law Firm helps businesses thrive by developing structures that protect assets and allow leaders to gain clear insight on their path to future success.

Turn to Moehlman Law for:

Business Formation Guidance

We’ll ensure that your business is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and the Secretary of State in a short timeframe. Our formation services ensure that all the paperwork is completed in detail before moving forward. At this stage, we can help you to prepare for any legal challenges you might face in the marketplace and run through your business structure options, including entity selection and liability considerations.

Tax Planning

If you’re starting your own business, you’ll need to know the best entity to reduce your personal federal tax liability and your potential tax liability within specific states, counties or municipalities. We’ll help you to prepare for the process by setting up the proper business entity with the Internal Revenue Service. This process serves to keep your company in good standing moving forward, and allows you a clear insight on how to manage your income tax exposure over time.

Ongoing Counsel

We can provide you with ongoing legal counsel as you start and run your business. Our experienced team has helped many companies achieve a foundation for success, and we’ll work with you to overcome any challenges as you navigate the marketplace.

Trusted for our expertise in business law, the Moehlman Law Firm is the specialist for all business legal services. Contact us today to discover more or to find an answer to your legal question.

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