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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Comprehensive & Customized Estate Planning Services

Federal and estate taxes can limit the assets passed on to your loved ones in the event of your death. If you don’t have a written and executed estate plan your finances and a large portion of your assets could be tied up in probate court for long periods of time. It’s important to work with a trusted legal professional to ensure the proper estate plan for you and your family. It’s the reason so many are now working with the Moehlman Law Firm.

Turn to Moehlman Law for:

Tax Planning

Whether there will be any federal estate tax (often referred to as the Death Tax) to pay depends on the size of your estate and how your estate plan works. While very few estates are required to pay estate taxes, the tax burden is large when they are a concern – as high as 55%. There are many well established strategies to reduce or eliminate death taxes, but you must start the planning process early in order to implement these plans.

Estate Analysis

As part of our estate planning work, we’ll review your estate and determine the optimal techniques for transferring your assets to your heirs according to your wishes. Our team will analyze the current laws and the value of the estate items while building strategies that protect your loved ones’ rights.

Expedient Service

Our team works diligently and quickly to ensure that your estate is completed effectively. Our understanding of estate planning can help you to reduce your costs while ensuring your assets and your loved ones are protected in the future.

By booking a consultation with the team here at the Moehlman Law Firm, you’ll be able to speak with a trusted advisor who can guide you forward in the estate planning process and answer each of your questions based on years of experience. Call our team today to make an appointment and protect your loved ones.

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