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Probate Estate & Trust

Probate Estate & Trust

Legal Expertise for Probate and Trust Administration Services

In Missouri, a person must hire a licensed attorney to open up probate estate in probate court. Proper administration of a probate estate can make the difference between years tied up in probate court and a shorter administration process. Moehlman Law Firm has years of experience handling probate estate and trust administration matters.  Call us if you need guidance in completing the duties required of a fiduciary.

Choose the Moehlman Law Firm for:

  • Resolutions to Complex Cases

The size of the estate can usually make a difference in the length of time it takes to oversee and complete the probate process. Those with larger estates can turn to us for resolution and to ensure that the estates assets are protected throughout the probate and trust administration process. We’ll help you navigate the process while providing a clear understanding on the procedures and time-lines involved.

  • Asset Protection

We understand the importance of your family’s wealth and assets and that’s why we offer a individualized probate and trust administration service. Our work is designed to help mitigate your costs and to ensure that all assets are allocated according your instructions.

Let the Moehlman Law Firm handle the responsibilities of probate and trust administration work. We have years of experience and have worked on a broad range of probate estate and trusts. Call our team today to begin.

  • Probate & Trust Litigation

An objection to a Will, also known as a “Will contest” is a fairly common occurrence during the probate proceedings and can be incredibly costly to litigate. In order to contest a Will, one has to have legal “standing” to raise objections. This usually occurs when children are to receive disproportionate shares under the Will, or when distribution schemes change from a prior Will to a later Will.

In addition to disputes over the tangible distributions, Will contests can be a quarrel over the person designated to serve as Executor.  Also, if there are assets missing in a Trust estate, the beneficiaries of the Trust can file suit for an accounting requiring the Trustee to list the income and expenses of the Trust.

Contact the Moehlman Law Firm if you feel your loved one lacked the mental capacity or was unduly influenced by another person when they executed their estate planning documents.

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