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Tax Relief Attorney

Tax Relief Attorney

Tax Controversy Resolution

If you’ve received a notice from the IRS regarding your taxes, it can impact your life and make it difficult to handle day-to-day challenges. Moehlman Law Firm is experienced in handling a variety of tax controversies. We can work with you to review your case strengths & weaknesses, represent you in court, deal with the IRS, and help you resolve your tax issue effectively.

Turn to the Moehlman Law Firm for:

  • Audit Guidance

If you’re being audited, we can represent you in front of the IRS to ensure you have all the necessary documentation to get through the audit successfully. Our team will be on your side throughout the process, working to manage your documentation production, and answer any questions asked by IRS representatives.

  • Tax Court Representation

We can represent you in United States Tax Court to mitigate your exposure to interest and penalties. We can argue your case using our experience in tax law and help you to keep your assets including property and businesses.

  • Installment Agreements

For those that require assistance paying their taxes, we can work with you to create a clear plan that shows the government your willingness to move forward with the process without overstretching your finances. We’ll help you set up an installment agreement that suits your financial needs and limits your risk over the coming years.

  • Responses to IRS Inquiries

Oftentimes the IRS will contact you regarding a specific element of your personal or business taxes. We can help you draft responses to communications from the IRS to preserve your rights and ensure your property and assets are safe from liens, levies or encumbrances.

Have you encountered a tax issue for which you require legal guidance? Contact our team today to book a consultation with a trusted local tax expert.

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